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Gay Advice Darlington/Durham is a volunteer service, run and staffed by trained volunteers and professional staff.

We offer free, confidential support & advice, training on LGBT issues covering a wide range of subjects, run groups for men, women, youths and trans...

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A short history of GADD...

Gay Advice Darlington, GADD, was founded in September 1995 by a group of Gay men living in the South Durham area. This was a reaction to the closure of the Gay Community Support Unit, which had been run from within the South Durham Health Promotion Unit.

In 1996 GADD was successful in procuring a small grant from the County Durham Health Authority to help set the organisation up with basic necessities for the project.  From 1997 to date GADD has received funding from County Durham and Darlington Health Authority for work in South County Durham (this funding has continued from the NHS through the successors of the Health Authority, today being the Darlington & Durham PCT's) and Darlington Borough Council to support those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Darlington. This made it possible to extend and enhance its services to the local community.  GADD also received a grant in 2002 from the Northern Rock Foundation to expand its premises in order to enhance service delivery even further.

Our services to the LGBT community

When GADD was initially founded, it was to provide a safety net and the improvement of gay and bisexual men’s mental and physical well being in the South Durham area. It now provides a safety net for all Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Questioning and Intersex people.

In order to do this, the organisation provided (and continues to provide) the following:

HIV advice and information for LGBTQI who are HIV negative or untested and to enable them to make positive decisions and reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

Support, advise and provide information to LGBTQI People who are HIV positive to enable them to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

Support, advise and provide information on wider sexual health matters as they affect LGBTQI People.

Support, advise and provide information on the diverse range of sexuality issues, in order to help develop self esteem and recognize the value of making positive health choices.

Provision of a resource centre/library that will allow LGBTQI to access essential information about health and lifestyle issues.

Construction of a referral network that will allow LGBTQI to access local statutory and voluntary health service provision more easily, and help for those service providers who want to ensure that their services are both appropriate and accessible.

Developing a training programme for any local services that requests specific training on LGBT or HIV/AIDS issues.

Assessing/addressing, mental/physical health/disability issues.

Being an Advocate for local LGBTQI, giving them a voice, and enabling them to have a say in how and where their services should be delivered.

We provide these services and more to all LGBTQI people and have done since 2002. We have included those Questioning their Sexuality and Intersex people since 2005 as part of our core services.

GADD is a Registered Charity Number 1070857 - Public Liability Policy Number s3401129